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It is so easy to get lost in Facebook and other social media; one click, and another and oh, look! A recipe, a kitten, a goat doing yoga, a unicorn…and before you know it, forty minutes of your time have disappeared into the illusion that you are actually busy, that you are making the world a better, funnier place because you have added a laughing emoji to a comment, or made someone happy because you clicked “like” on their post.

I cannot be that nice person all the time. I am wasting my creativity on someone else’s inspired memes instead of creating my own. I HAVE BECOME A USER instead of a creator in the last few weeks.

Notice how many times “I” appeared in the above paragraph.

Yes, it is all about me. All ME.

I have to get back to writing instead of trying to keep other people happy; people who do not value the time and effort I take into keeping the world going round. But it is hard to keep focused when there are so many distractions, too many demanding my energies and their constant need for validation.

I feel empty, drained of the spark that used to fuel my imagination. I feel as if I have become rooted in the 3D illusion, and my escape to other realms has been curtailed by the infantile vampiric monster of need. I am just not good with having people in my home for more than three days – except my children.

Image result for angry face meme    Guest, please don’t clean my house, invade my kitchen, talk about Jesus, put things away, rearrange my dining table, pray in restaurants, shovel food into your mouth like a demented puppy deprived of the teat, dish up seconds before the last person has helped himself.  And above all, don’t talk and  comment and explain a movie while I am watching Netflix. My life is wonderful, untidy, messy, filled with dogs, birds, books, art and stuff.  And silence. There is order in the disorder of my life. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS: The only reason I wrote this rant is because I know it will disappear into the ethernet, the never-never space of useless ideas and soulless dissatisfaction.

I just read this blog and I am laughing!!! All better now. Image result for happy meme face



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Tuning Out: Facebook, I’m Bored!

Like many millions of other users, my customary ritual was to check Facebook daily, sometimes more often, but more usually with my cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Most of my family live not only in other states, but other continents, and it is a way to allow my mother to be part of my life, even though she lives so far away, in South Africa.

But Facebook is no longer what it used to be. People no longer communicate their activities, or even say what they think. Everything has to be PC, bland and boring because God knows the thought police are constantly ready to pounce, denounce and control. And I am sick of it. 

Image result for memes about life

Hell, yeah.

The constant posts of mindless memesincorrect information (if it’s on the Internet it must be true), so-called-health, environmental and political “news” are what drives the site; religious crap and Jesus memes in the clouds, on toast, the evils of Monsanto and fracking… I try and ignore it and it is driving me away. It is a concentrated form of torture that they should employ in Guantanamo. See how long those poor suckers can put up with it before they go stir crazy.

Who knew that there could be so much incorrect grammar, misspellings and ignorance on the Internet? How did the media become authors of and purveyors of clickbaiting? How many times do we have to be aware of cancer, American heroes, police brutality and beaten dogs? For God’s sakes, people!

How can we avoid it?

By checking out, and moving on, just like my kids have some time ago already.

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