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It’s the Tone of Voice

It’s the Tone of Voice

How many of you have been whipped into action by the urgent, hurried tones used by newscasters predicting dire emergencies?   

I certainly have!

The tone of voice used by these master manipulators of emotion are geared towards eliciting a fear response that hits you in the solar plexus. It is was the same way Hitler galvanized the German volk.

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Most people are not even aware of the way they are being controlled or influenced. They are blithely unaware and react as intended by the media. This is especially noticeable on American television; the quieter tone of voice used by the BBC is not as abrasive or annoying as the fake, hyper-excited strident tone of the American voice.

So, yes, I rushed to the local store, bought a few bottles of water and coffee, thinking all the while, “I bet that Joaquin hurricane is going to piss off to the East!” The store was full of shoppers stocking up on food. There were many specials; presumably the store feared that produce and frozen foods would spoil if there was a power outage. One never knows what to expect when a hurricane hits Maryland.

Yeah folks, the European model that predicts weather was correct once again. Why don’t we just do away with the American one? And that tone of voice.

This time, it seems that it was a WIN for shoppers.

Cheers Joaquin. Go blow somewhere else.

Off course, everything may still change, and I will be drinking all that coffee.

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