It is so easy to get lost in Facebook and other social media; one click, and another and oh, look! A recipe, a kitten, a goat doing yoga, a unicorn…and before you know it, forty minutes of your time have disappeared into the illusion that you are actually busy, that you are making the world a better, funnier place because you have added a laughing emoji to a comment, or made someone happy because you clicked “like” on their post.

I cannot be that nice person all the time. I am wasting my creativity on someone else’s inspired memes instead of creating my own. I HAVE BECOME A USER instead of a creator in the last few weeks.

Notice how many times “I” appeared in the above paragraph.

Yes, it is all about me. All ME.

I have to get back to writing instead of trying to keep other people happy; people who do not value the time and effort I take into keeping the world going round. But it is hard to keep focused when there are so many distractions, too many demanding my energies and their constant need for validation.

I feel empty, drained of the spark that used to fuel my imagination. I feel as if I have become rooted in the 3D illusion, and my escape to other realms has been curtailed by the infantile vampiric monster of need. I am just not good with having people in my home for more than three days – except my children.

Image result for angry face meme    Guest, please don’t clean my house, invade my kitchen, talk about Jesus, put things away, rearrange my dining table, pray in restaurants, shovel food into your mouth like a demented puppy deprived of the teat, dish up seconds before the last person has helped himself.  And above all, don’t talk and  comment and explain a movie while I am watching Netflix. My life is wonderful, untidy, messy, filled with dogs, birds, books, art and stuff.  And silence. There is order in the disorder of my life. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

PS: The only reason I wrote this rant is because I know it will disappear into the ethernet, the never-never space of useless ideas and soulless dissatisfaction.

I just read this blog and I am laughing!!! All better now. Image result for happy meme face



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Great Falls Tavern, Potomac, Maryland

Great Falls Tavern, Potomac, Maryland

Beautiful Maryland!

Stephen Hung Photography

Great Falls Tavern built next to Lock 20 on the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal during the 1800’s served as lockkeeper’s house and hotel and today serves as the Visitor Center on the Maryland side of Great Falls – C&O Canal National Historical Park.

It was a beautiful spring Sunday yesterday and one could almost smell the freshness of the young tree leaves. I took some pictures of this historic building and decided to use Photoshop CS6’s Oil Paint feature through its filter function. Not being a painter, I kind of enjoyed the conversions.


More of the “fake” Oil Paintings:


There were many Canada goose families with adorable goslings in the water and on the grass near the Tavern that one could not help but keep shooting. I continued with my delight of oil painting conversion of the geese during the post processing of these images.

Here are the family…

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It’s Friday; the weather is perfect…too warm for the season already.

The silence of winter, the sleeping trees and frosty mornings, have given way to the fecundity and frenzy of growth as buds emerge and birds return to the lake.
And the people.
People with noisy, peace-splitting, careless joie de vivre erupt onto the water, shattering the short-lived illusion that we lived in an isolated part of heaven…

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In the darkness of the deepest night

A star swallowed up her light

And flung it into the depths of time and space

Now the Earth rolls and spins beneath my feet

in a treacherous trajectory of might

It gathered up its power

and burst its orbit in its flight

Mother gathered up the shattered shards

And slowly it grew again to reunite

The fragments of our fragile selves

Now I emerge again, sword in hand

Ready for another fight

Image result for birth of a star

Image from :


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International Women’s Day

Many years ago, when I worked as a teacher in South Africa, a male colleague remarked, “You are a feminist, why don’t you drive the school bus?”

Our students were bussed home after their extra-curricular activities and it was the male teachers who were in charge of driving them home. 

I looked him in the eye and said, “The day we get paid the same as men, I will!”

It has been a long, long road to achieve parity with our male counterparts and the struggle continues to this very day.

In honor of every woman, this day, I would like to say, “You are worthy. You are strong. Let the fires of divine discontent continue to fuel you as women globally fight for recognition of their contributions and achievements.” 

Be empowered, fierce and courageous!

#InternationalWomensDay #Women 

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It’s Here!

It’s Here!

Now available for Kindle and e-readers as well as in print!



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Petersburg, #ViginiaIsNotForLovers

One can catch glimpses of rundown homes and impoverished neighborhoods as you pass by Petersburg in winter when the grey skeletons of trees and shrubs lay bare the sight that is hidden from the traveler’s eyes in summer.

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart does not grieve over, is an old saying and it is never a truer statement when the winter cruelly reveals a blighted, forgotten and neglected landscape.

Poverty is not merely an economic reality. It is also a political one in which years and years of attempts to solve the situation have still not improved conditions for millions of people struggling to make ends meet – not only here but across the country.

Petersburg, I discovered, has a fascinating history.

Once a vital center for of manufacturing and commerce, it also played a large part in the slave trade and the export of goods thanks in large part to the Appomattox River and the canals and waterways which were constructed to make it navigable.

It was a settlement in the early 1600’s, and became an incorporated city in 1748 and was occupied by the British in the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. It became a destination for many freed slaves and during the American Civil War. The city was besieged for nine months in 1864-5 and heavily bombed, destroying large parts of what was then the second largest city in Virginia. It was also a major railroad hub.

A failure on the part of city governance to secure extra land to enlarge the city, as well as several major industries moving their operations to areas where labor was cheaper, led to a steady decline in tax revenue for Petersburg. The middle class dwindled, and the working class became more and more impoverished.

Image result for images historic petersburg va

The old town is seeing new life as cheaper rents have led to many small specialty stores, restaurants and artsy establishments making this a destination for tourists. The old town is rich in history and good use has been made of some renovated buildings which have been refurbished as apartments and lofts. Some of the old cobbled streets remain in use which lends authenticity to the setting.

Image result for pocahontas island museum   Pocahontas Island, which played a vital role during the slave trade years and is the oldest black community in the country, is in sore need of attention: one, a house which was important in the Underground Railroad, and another, a museum dedicated to Black History in the area would make great additions to the cultural history of our country.

The Visitor Center as well as several other historical sites no longer receive funding and rely on non-profits and donations to remain in good running order which is a terrible shame.

Image result for images historic petersburg va

Farmers’ Market

It seems, sadly, that black history is regarded as something separate from “white” history, as if the one had nothing to do with the other. We are all products of our historical narrative, it is the past, we cannot change it or white-wash it, but we can attempt to build bridges to honoring the struggle and acknowledging that African Americans shouldn’t be sidelined because their struggle was real and every bit as painful as the white men who battled the British and later, their own compatriots during the Civil War.

So next time, make Petersburg a destination, explore, walk around, and enrich your life experience because this is OUR history too – and be sure to pay a visit to the historic Blandford Cemetery if you enjoy graveyards.    Image result for blandford cemetery petersburg va

The oldest grave dates back to 1702 but more than that, thirty thousand  Confederate soldiers are buried there. There is a palpable air of grief that hangs in the air. I left there with a very sore heart, not only for those whose voices were stilled forever, but also for a city that needs a real helping hand.







Image above from

Image result for images petersburg va

Ruins of the Peter Jones Trading Station

Image on right from



Other interesting information:,_Virginia

To support the preservation of Petersburg:  Historic Petersburg Foundation, Inc. is registered with Amazon Smile.hpf-amazon-smile

Amazon will donate .5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to HPF whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.

Please shop at or use this link

(The above was taken from

 and I share it in an endeavor to promote the wonderful, rich history of Petersburg.)

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