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Mysterious Things

Mysterious Things

I am excited to read this book by John B. Alexander, watch this space for a review soon!


Check the author’s website at

Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen – But Did by [Alexander, John B.]

Blurb from Amazon:

REALITY DENIED confronts conventional wisdom with events that, although quite real, seem to challenge the revered “laws of science,” proving them to be wrong or incomplete. The thorny issues of life after death, mind over matter, UFOs, remote viewing, telepathic communications with animals, and more are all addressed from Col. John Alexander’s firsthand perspective. Here physical and spiritual domains collide, providing glimpses of worlds beyond everyday reality.” (



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A Winter’s Day

A Winter’s Day

Oh how I long for Spring! To smell the greening of the earth, to feel the power of the trees returning, filled with energising sap, and to see the return, at the beginning of summer, of hummingbirds…

It is very cold today, and it will be the whole week long. Here in southern Virginia it has been a fairly mild winter, bitterly cold days give way to mild ones and then the cold returns; it is a rollercoaster of temperatures, the cold air dissipates and then warmer air from the Gulf wafts in with a promise of better days ahead, and then, boom! The polar vortex makes an unwelcome comeback.

Cold Christine

Stay warm!

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