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Playing it Safe

Playing it Safe

Oh how I love this country, but oh, how it suppresses people – emotionally, culturally and spiritually…and then there is the physical.

Everything has to come with a warning. I was unaware of how litigious the society is here until I noticed that everything slightly challenging or outrageous has to be preceded by a warning: Do not try this at home.

Dear humans, life is a hazard in itself. Have you considered how fragile life is? How easily we can snuff it?

But to play it safe, wrapped in cotton wool, cossetted, manicured and protected, one does not experience life.


                       Children are no longer allowed to be just kids, to play in the dirt, eat worms and pee in the woods. God forbid they should even walk home from school. Yes, I know there are sexual predators everywhere, but believe me, they have always existed, but our parents warned us to take care and pretty much let us be. Climbing trees, cycling for miles without helmets, swimming in rivers: that is what childhood is about – not sitting inside and watching reality TV.

We were allowed to make mistakes, and suffered the consequences of careless actions. It molds the character and lets one experience life as the great adventure it is meant to be!

So let the children play – unstructured, without the expensive toys they really don’t need. They have imagination, they will figure it out.


I am cognisant of the fact that every child is special, has special needs and may not be healthy enough to play unsupervised. I am basing this on my own experience as a mother and do not dispute the fact that there are many children who cannot have these experiences.


Image of children in mud: