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“Gomorrah”, the TV Series

“Gomorrah”, the TV Series

If you want to watch a gritty, violent mafia gang-mob series, by all means, go ahead and watch the Italian production Gomorrah. It makes the mafia of New York, The Sopranos, look like kindergartners.

What makes it so compelling to watch?

The characters of Pietro Savastano and his son, Gennaro, and their nemesis, Ciro, are all equally evil. There are no good guys in the series, no one that one particularly tries to root for, there is no redeemer who is going to save anyone from the damning consequences of their actions. It allows the viewer to peer into the abyss of a hell from which there is no escape.

This is especially true in the first season. There are glimmers here and there that Ciro wants to change things, to stop the incessant killing of adversaries. He attempts to form an alliance between his adversaries, but true loyalty depends on the strength of the leader of the pack. It’s a dog-eats-dog world, and all of them are hungry enough to destroy even close allies and friends.

Ciro, the right-hand man of old man Savastano, grooms the son, “Genny”, giving the haplessdownload (7), too-soft, overweight young man breaks to protect him from the disparagement of his father who can see too clearly that his son is not quite cut from the same cloth as he is.

Gennaro undergoes a massive change in character and appearance after his mother sends him to Honduras; he becomes a ruthless, cold killer who shows no mercy to anyone who crosses him. He has finally become the man his father wants, but he lacks experience in leadership and draws close to him the seamy underbelly of Naples’ slum world. These young men are as faithful to him as they can be, but allegiances are made to be broken. There are no guarantees that they will remain loyal. They are dangerous, cruel and violent.

A word of warning: this series does not conform to cherished American values in television: good vs evil is but a shade of perpetual grey, there is no such thing as political correctness and the violence is graphic and ugly.

An interesting side note is that the filming occurred in the slums called the Sails of Scampia, Image result for sails of scampianow doomed apparently for demolition. This massive estate houses a teeming number of impoverished people whose only hope of economic survival is crime. download (5)

The series is based on a novel by Roberto Saviano, which became a movie a few years ago.


So, to answer the question: Why do we continue to watch this series?

In our heart of hearts, we hope that there will be a moment when some inner decency causes a character to change; a belief in happy endings, a disbelief that things cannot continue the way they are. But, life is not a fairy tale, is it?


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Aliens, Blood Lines and UFO’s

Aliens, Blood Lines and UFO’s

One of the books I’m currently reading is Nick Redfern’s Bloodline of the Gods in which he makes the case that those born with RH negative blood types are descendants of the Annunaki, the “gods” who created a hybrid-like species, impregnating the existing humans on Earth with their DNA, presumably to help them save their planet which was doomed to extinction.

Redfern writes that Rh-negatives tend to be more intelligent, healthier and often more psychic than the other 85% of humanity. Interestingly, he attempts to link the bloodtype to those who have had UFO sightings or experiences, positing that aliens are keeping tabs on them since RH-negs are compatible with their own blood type and can thus be used to impregnate women, or alternatively obtain sperm from males to propagate their ailing race.

He mentions the stories of well-known abductees, such as Barney and Betty Brown, who have had sexual encounters with aliens and this brought to mind a story I grew up with: Elizabeth Klarer, Image result for elizabeth klarer UFO a South African meteorologist who claimed to have had a child with an alien. Her contact occurred between 1954 to 1963. I heard the story from my mother, and since her cousin had met the woman at a social gathering, the story has become pretty much part of the family folklore, especially since the afore-mentioned cousin cracked a joke about “the woman who had an alien baby” and discovered she was standing right behind him at the time. Talk about an “Oops!” moment! We all laughed about this, of course!



An interview with Dr. Klarer can be heard on Youtube ( and her autobiography, Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer is available in Kindle or book format from Amazon. It makes for fascinating reading and her message was clear and way ahead of its time: we are destroying our planet through greed.


Klarer’s off-world partner

Redfern’s book is very thought-provoking and hugely contentious since it flies in the face of all accepted religious dogma…yet the stories in the Bible can be interpreted in a way that totally fits his hypothesis, as do myths and legends from other religions and civilizations. I keep an open mind, enjoying any kind of mind expanding controversy, and having my ego stroked (yes, I am Rh-neg!)

I would enjoy some conversation about this, so please add comments if you wish!




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