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Overdose Epidemic

Overdose Epidemic

I find it very strange that in a country of such affluence, freedom of speech, religion and the sense that anything is pretty much permissible, that the use of recreational drugs as well as the number of “accidental” overdoses should be so alarmingly high. Image result for heroin needles pictures

I apologize for sounding moralistic and it is not my place to judge whatever people do in their spare time. However, if the purpose of taking drugs is to escape reality, then please, how bad is your life? If you were born and raised here in the land of milk and honey, what is it you want to escape from? Boredom?

Look at the tragic pictures of people starving in parts of Africa, the bombed-out homes of the Syrians, and others who suffer real deprivation. Take a moment to think about their lives. They don’t have the luxury of escaping their reality. Life is a constant struggle and there is no certainty that tomorrow will bring better times.

The spiritual bankruptcy  that exists in this country – and the prevalence of drug addiction especially in the Bible Belt – is testimony to the fact that Christianity is clearly not the answer.  People still look to be rescued from something, someone – instead of taking responsibility for the their choices.

It makes me angry. Very angry. But it is because the sadness of the situation just fills me with a powerless grief. and I don’t do well with expressing emotions. Three friends of mine have lost either a child or a sibling and it hurts me to the core of my being to see them dealing with such grievous, heartbreaking loss.

Addiction is a disease you don’t even know you have until you have it.

Photo published for As fentanyl death toll spikes, states step up their interventions

Grow a backbone, deal with stuff.  Stop feeling so sorry for yourselves. You have opportunities beyond imagining, and it is up to you to make a great life for yourself. Don’t even take that first hit. You just don’t know how it will affect you, your life and your family,  and all the people who love you.

“Neil speaks the truth, but it should still be preached that “It’s not the drug the makes the addict, but the need to escape that does.” Addiction is not the result of drug use. Addiction is a societal disease and one of the mind, its far more sinister and complex than a chemical could ever be. The drug is a vehicle for the crippled, making one feel like they can run when they can barely crawl.” – Steven Webb, comment on YouTube.




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