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Poets in Song

Poets in Song

Bob Dylan‘s recent nomination as winner of the Nobel Prize for literature came as a bit of a surprise for many, yet those who have listened to his music over the past 40-plus years, are all cheering on the sidelines. We know that this is not a tortured soul who struggled to write; his words and ideas flow from an unnamed, inchoate source, words like waterfalls feeding the barren landscapes of our minds, the imagery conjured up out of our perceptions and experience and coalescing into anthems that served us well in turbulent times. His many, many songs found a niche in our hearts as he wrote about the human experience: the common bond of love, hate, revenge and stories that make up our cultural psyche.


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My favorite poet songwriters are Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison who bring a depth to their writing; Dylan’s sometimes facile meanderings have not always resonated with me, but that is my preference since it mirrors my own inner search to find meaning in my life. The subtle references in their songs to a deeper inner struggle, and a profound connection to something greater than themselves makes them timeless. They are not mere story tellers like Dylan; they probe the intellect and and the choices we make in life, the struggles and joys, the love and angst that make being human worthwhile.   Image result for bob dylan




Other writers such as Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins (and there are many more from the era of Folk Music) achieved the same kind of wordsmithing beauty that soothed the aching heart, and it was set to music that speaks to cross-generational lines.



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How fortunate was I to have grown up at that time, when music meant something, when it wasn’t just a beat and nonsensical rhymes filled with trivialities, innuendo and scatological references. The evanescent quality of today’s music does not appeal to me at all, it has become a background noise which I prefer to avoid.

To date there has been no word from Mr. Dylan about accepting his Nobel prize. This is his choice. He never tried to appeal to the mainstream and always followed the dictates of his own sensibilities. Whether he publicly accepts or rejects the honor makes no difference, his poetry is forever part of our culture.


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9 Bob Dylan Quotes With Photos (This Week)


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The Poet

The Poet

Do I look like a poet?                                                        s5000256

He asked



I said


Words that flow from the soul

Leave a mark on

the face

I said.





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We watched the movie, The Siege of Jadotville last night. I am not an aficionado of “chick flix”, being more of the “blood, gore and guts” type of girl. I don’t do horror and zombie movies either; I prefer real dramas.

Well, I was in for a surprise. I watched, stunned, as the story unfolded. The movie left me with such a deep, sad sense of injustice and futility that I struggled to fall asleep.

The Siege of Jadotville happened in September 1961,  and it is based on true events. It was a time during which there was much unrest all over Africa as many colonial powers were being forced to relinquish their grip on the suppressed people of the benighted continent.

The United Nations decided to intervene in a conflict in Congo-Leopoldville, a state founded after independence was granted to the former Belgian Congo in 1960. They sent a troop of 155 UN soldiers, all Irishmen, untested in battle, to combat the mercenaries who had been employed by the State of Katanga which had seceded from Congo-Leopoldville. They were to protect the remaining Belgian settlers in the mining town, only to discover that they were unwanted because it was felt that the UN was meddling in the politics of the country.

The movie captured the terrifying ordeal of the A Company as they were ultimately abandoned during the five day siege. They received scant assistance as the powers-that-be played political games, leaving them to eventually surrender. Upon their return to Ireland they were reviled as cowards and were never given the recognition they so justly deserved.

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The movie is based on the book by Declan Power, The Siege at Jadotville: The Irish Army’s Forgotten Battle; a gripping drama that will horrify you when you realize how small and insignificant we are when human lives are used as pawns in the game of power and politics.


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