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Open Letter to Mr. Cohen

Open Letter to Mr. Cohen

Dear Mr Cohen,

When our Fragments of Light

burst into this life,

Onto this Earth

with the follies, love and hate

You so eloquently itemized in words

You spoke

To my life

My experiences and

Your words carried me

Through joy

And agony

And when my brother was shot

Murdered in cold blood

and I asked Why?

There was silence

I attuned to my music

First the ominous sounds

Of a low deep beat

Theme song, “The Sopranos”

Yeah that man

He got himself a gun

He was meant to kill

But then

Out of the random shuffled songs,

I heard

Next, the very next song:

“If it be your Will”

And tears came with understanding

And peace flowed

And surrender

For the human condition

Expressed in myriad ways

Through song, through verse, through love

Through hate

It is we,

Every single flickering Light-

Who live these experiences

For the Greater Good

So I thank Thee, Mister Cohen,

For being here

For Me.

In Gratitude,




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