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You became the flame

You carried the light

Fed to the embers,

You blazened anew

The scepter of power                                                                                     1wands

Held high in your hand.

And it spilled and it wasted as it spread all around

Was it all worth it?

The pain and the fame?

It claimed your whole life –

But you rode on a stallion

Heart drummed to the beat

Eyes to the heavens, courage in steel,

Leading the way…

Fear and death mingled in mud as they fell

On the fields where you fought,

So valiant and true.

With the cross and the shield

For the defense of mankind

Ah, Joan, your beauty was true

Your light shone within

But your actions no cure:

What ails our brothers

Isn’t just faith,

It’s love and it’s freedom

The end of all strife

The pearls of your wisdom

Float down from above,


Pearls unto swine,

Yes, the Good Word was right


Justjoan 2

Give them more love



them more wine

They will dream on, yes, and

Feed the illusion

That there is more time…

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There is a whisper in the wind

Moving through the air

Of a thousand empty dreams

That become one with

A promise from above

A streaming of the light

Burning with the sun

Unfurling bit by bit

Leaf by leaf

Budding in a dark

Unspoken  inchoate frenzy of life

Yes, life

And we feel it

In the warming,

In the extended gloaming when evening falls


Is coming






When it comes

It is silent,

A lighting of our world,

Bringing back the reason

That Life is

So, too,

The Light, the sun,                                                   

The All that is of All that Is,

IMG_1728Moves through us,

awakening our souls

to a fresh new beginning






Soul Lesson


IMG_4260Make haste

lest you should slumber through

the myriad calls for Love

It is here, right now,                                                                     

this life, this body

this man, this child,

In your face, out of reach

in every place

you didn’t think to look






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