Marriage and the Sanctimonious Interference of the Catholic Church

19 Aug
Marriage and the Sanctimonious Interference of the Catholic Church

The Church should butt out of people’s freedoms.

The freedom to marry, especially. It is a legal contract and was not always part of the ritual so familiar to the current status quo. Up until the 13th Century, marriages in Europe were not blessed or sanctioned by the Church. This changed over the centuries as the Catholic Church gained power.    

I discovered some very interesting facts about this subject, and it amazed me that it was as recent as the 1500’s that it was still being debated by clergymen:

“During the Reformation, Martin Luther questioned whether the Church should involve itself in the business of celebrating marriage, arguing rather strenuously that marriage was a ‘worldly business [where] we clergy ought not to meddle or direct  things’ .  Luther did agree that the Church should bless those who  married and even presented a basic marriage rite in 1529, but maintained that “the  regulation of marriage was a proper matter for the civil authority rather than the  Church” (

The whole idea of needing approval from God and for a priest to “bless” and “sanctify”  marriage is a lot of crap. It preyed on primitive superstitions and allowed the Catholic  Church to control people. This eventually led to divorce being completely illegal in the eyes  of their disapproving God who wanted people to remain together in misery in perpetuity. In  a male dominated society, what better way to control women than to condemn them to  eternal damnation … or as Bubble would say, “Eternal dalmation”.

The inimitable Bubble from AbFab

Women had far  more rights prior to this change: they could be married in one of two ways according to Frankish law: they could be “given over” to their husbands and their dowries and their personal safety would be the responsibility of the spouse, or they could marry and be kept as a concubine so that the dowry and property would remain in control of the father.

It was all about control. There were some love marriages, especially among the peasants. Pregnancy was very often a reason for this. The idea of remaining an unsullied virgin had to do with the bartering power, again an economic reason.

So to put it bluntly: if your God “forbids” you to marry gay couples, you are sorely mistaken. Your entire idea of what God wants depended on who was ruling the world. It’s time to free your minds and open your hearts to realize it was all about control in the first place.

It is all a crock of crap, dreamed up by men who wanted more control over people’s lives.

So, get over it, just freakin’ get over it.

God is not watching your genitals,

and no one else cares except the media who want to perpetuate dissent and unhappiness.           


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