Why Jennifer Aniston Matters

06 Aug
Why Jennifer Aniston Matters

Ok, she doesn’t matter as much to me as I thought, I misspelled her name when I wrote the title, so I had to check and I see if it had an “R” in it or not. Apparently it doesn’t.

Firstly, congratulations to her and Justin Theroux on tying the knot. I sincerely wish them every happiness in their life together.

I saw the news through a local news service that I follow on Facebook, and then I checked to verify it elsewhere. Yes, they really did get married, even TMZ says so. I am glad they managed to keep it a secret and that their day wasn’t ruined by paparazzi.

Of course I don’t expect everyone to think this is wonderful news when so much is happening in the world right now: the crisis in Syria, and the continuing problems in the volatile Middle East, the killing of everyone’s favorite lion that we had never heard of until last week, the President’s nuclear arms deal – all that tragic news pales by comparison.



(Photo: Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic)

Why does one woman’s happiness affect us so much?

Because Jennifer really represents all of us. She and every celebrity is just another human, with failings, ups-and-downs. She made mistakes, and so do we. We can rejoice with her, we can commiserate with her. Her endearing smile and perennially sad eyes reflect our own little selves in a myriad ways. She is Our Friend, that’s why.

She represents every woman who ever lost a man to a faithless bitch, every woman who never had a child but wanted one. She is a gentle soul who has suffered, and found love and carried on regardless: she is a bit of every one of us. Except she weighs less.

Best of luck darling girl, may all your dreams come true!


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