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Marriage and the Sanctimonious Interference of the Catholic Church

Marriage and the Sanctimonious Interference of the Catholic Church

The Church should butt out of people’s freedoms.

The freedom to marry, especially. It is a legal contract and was not always part of the ritual so familiar to the current status quo. Up until the 13th Century, marriages in Europe were not blessed or sanctioned by the Church. This changed over the centuries as the Catholic Church gained power.    

I discovered some very interesting facts about this subject, and it amazed me that it was as recent as the 1500’s that it was still being debated by clergymen:

“During the Reformation, Martin Luther questioned whether the Church should involve itself in the business of celebrating marriage, arguing rather strenuously that marriage was a ‘worldly business [where] we clergy ought not to meddle or direct  things’ .  Luther did agree that the Church should bless those who  married and even presented a basic marriage rite in 1529, but maintained that “the  regulation of marriage was a proper matter for the civil authority rather than the  Church” (

The whole idea of needing approval from God and for a priest to “bless” and “sanctify”  marriage is a lot of crap. It preyed on primitive superstitions and allowed the Catholic  Church to control people. This eventually led to divorce being completely illegal in the eyes  of their disapproving God who wanted people to remain together in misery in perpetuity. In  a male dominated society, what better way to control women than to condemn them to  eternal damnation … or as Bubble would say, “Eternal dalmation”.

The inimitable Bubble from AbFab

Women had far  more rights prior to this change: they could be married in one of two ways according to Frankish law: they could be “given over” to their husbands and their dowries and their personal safety would be the responsibility of the spouse, or they could marry and be kept as a concubine so that the dowry and property would remain in control of the father.

It was all about control. There were some love marriages, especially among the peasants. Pregnancy was very often a reason for this. The idea of remaining an unsullied virgin had to do with the bartering power, again an economic reason.

So to put it bluntly: if your God “forbids” you to marry gay couples, you are sorely mistaken. Your entire idea of what God wants depended on who was ruling the world. It’s time to free your minds and open your hearts to realize it was all about control in the first place.

It is all a crock of crap, dreamed up by men who wanted more control over people’s lives.

So, get over it, just freakin’ get over it.

God is not watching your genitals,

and no one else cares except the media who want to perpetuate dissent and unhappiness.           


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The Decline of the Western Empire, Encore!

The Decline of the Western Empire, Encore!

I have been doing a great deal of research for my latest novel, and while it may be time-consuming, it is extremely fascinating.

One thing that puzzles me endlessly is why the Middle Ages were such a terribly dark time. How did the knowledge and civilizing influence of Rome just disappear? Movies depicting those times invariable present people living in absolute filth, squalor, and it always seems to be raining continually.

Image result for The Physician movie images

From “The Physician”, see

The Fall of Rome obviously did not happen overnight. It was a process that devolved over a number of centuries, but the effect was to destroy whatever remnants of education, law and order that had existed before.

Here, in a nutshell, is what happened:

The Roman Empire was weakened by its immense size and could not maintain its power in the face of constant attacks from barbarians (the Germanii from Northern Europe and also the Muslims, primarily from Iran and the Turkic regions, halloooo, any alarm bells ringing yet?). The economy began to decline (ditto sidebar comment above) and ultimately fail for a number of reasons which I will not go into here. Trade effectively stopped. The taxes levied by the Romans to maintain the status quo were misused by greedy administrators (help!). The Romans became complacent and began to use barbarian mercenaries to guard their borders. (Oh dear Republicans, we feel your pain.)

The rise of Christianity also played a large part in suppressing the religions and cultures of others in the Western part of the Empire.The Eastern Empire, later known as the Byzantine Empire, continued to flourish. Education, arts and culture, and slavery continued to be part of their civilization: “The fall of Rome marked the death knell of education and literacy, sophisticated architecture, advanced economic interaction, and, not least, the rule of written law.” (1)

Another huge contributing factor was climate change. During the fifth to seventh centuries CE the climate became a lot wetter and colder, and this must have had a great effect on the entire European region. When climate change occurs, crops may fail, illnesses and epidemics develop and starvation may become widespread, resulting in a loss of fertility and population. Another cooling down period began around the middle of the ninth century. A warming up period ensued, in around 1300. (2)

Parallels are easy to draw between the current state of affairs, given climate change, wars and the vast migrant problem. Hopefully politicians know their history (laughable idea, I know!) but one thing’s for sure, history is already repeating itself.




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Why Jennifer Aniston Matters

Why Jennifer Aniston Matters

Ok, she doesn’t matter as much to me as I thought, I misspelled her name when I wrote the title, so I had to check and I see if it had an “R” in it or not. Apparently it doesn’t.

Firstly, congratulations to her and Justin Theroux on tying the knot. I sincerely wish them every happiness in their life together.

I saw the news through a local news service that I follow on Facebook, and then I checked to verify it elsewhere. Yes, they really did get married, even TMZ says so. I am glad they managed to keep it a secret and that their day wasn’t ruined by paparazzi.

Of course I don’t expect everyone to think this is wonderful news when so much is happening in the world right now: the crisis in Syria, and the continuing problems in the volatile Middle East, the killing of everyone’s favorite lion that we had never heard of until last week, the President’s nuclear arms deal – all that tragic news pales by comparison.



(Photo: Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic)

Why does one woman’s happiness affect us so much?

Because Jennifer really represents all of us. She and every celebrity is just another human, with failings, ups-and-downs. She made mistakes, and so do we. We can rejoice with her, we can commiserate with her. Her endearing smile and perennially sad eyes reflect our own little selves in a myriad ways. She is Our Friend, that’s why.

She represents every woman who ever lost a man to a faithless bitch, every woman who never had a child but wanted one. She is a gentle soul who has suffered, and found love and carried on regardless: she is a bit of every one of us. Except she weighs less.

Best of luck darling girl, may all your dreams come true!


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