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Time after Time

Time after Time

Time is man-made. It exists to give us structure so that we can keep track of memories.

Of course, there is more to it than that. Calendars were created to facilitate planning. Crops needed to be planted, seasons needed to be honored and measured so that life could be more predictable and better managed.

The word calendae comes from the Latin word meaning the first day of the month. The sighting of the new moon heralded a new month, and it would be called (calare) so that Roman citizens would know it was time to pay their bills. Around 45 BC Julius Caesar decided to change things up a little, so that the month was no longer in sync with the lunar cycles, and it allowed for the inclusion of a leap year to accommodate his changes.

The Julian Calendar was then further refined and modified in 1582. Named after Pope Gregory XIII, it was introduced to adjust the celebration of Easter, which was traditionally associated with the Spring equinox.

A lot of thought went in to this, heads were scratched and brains were picked and then hey- ho, we have the calendar we are all familiar with. A year is 365.2422 days long, and a leap year occurs every four years, as long as the year is exactly divisible by 4. In every 400 year period, three leap days are omitted. It appears that the manipulation of time to suit the Church means that there is a “drift” in the date that does no longer coincide with the phases of the moon, according to which people used to lead their lives.

There have been calls in the past few years to change the calendar but it is still based on old ideas and naming conventions based on age old tradition. How about we kick those to the curb and begin a completely new way of naming the months? Stop trying to squeeze the right date for the equinoxes and solstices and just go with the lunar cycles? Christmas was celebrated at the winter solstice, and Easter was at the Spring Equinox. It was a naturally occurring event, not one that was contrived to suit the Church.

Give the months new names for crying out loud!

Let us stop basing things on religious ideas (naming days of the week after Norse gods) and months after Romans! We are moving away from a religion based society and into a more secular one, freed of old constraints and outdated fear- based ideas.

Shake it up a little! Rattle those chains! Free the world of the straight jacket called “time”!

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