The Enormous Advantage of Occupying Powers

24 Jun
The Enormous Advantage of Occupying Powers

Yes, I bet that headline got your attention, right?

We all hate war, and what it means but let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages an occupying power can bring to the table:

  • Genghis Khan, one of my all- time shaker- and-mover favorites, brought many new laws into existence, as well as paper moneyIMG_3236
  • The Romans civilized much of Europe, bringing awesome things like underfloor heating, bathrooms and mosaics.

  • The Crusades and the “Infidel Invasion” by the Turks brought much needed culinary, algebraic and fashion changes to Europe because they had become so uncivilized after the Romans withdrew they virtually went back to being barbarians, thanks to Christianity.

Image result for image algebra

  • England’s occupation of India and other colonized countries gave the world cricket, tea and pith helmets…and of course, English as she is spoke. Too bad the U.S. didn’t like any of those, they would have been better off.
  • Hitler’s scientists developed rockets which formed the basis of many other frightening killing machines so dearly loved by the military.
  • American occupation of foreign nations….ooops, you got me there. But let’s not forget McDonalds, Elvis Presley, the A-bomb and teeth whitening! Awesome!!!  Image result for atom bomb

Yes of course I am being facetious. That’s how I roll, so don’t take this seriously and write me hate mail or put me under a fatwa. I am simply not worth the effort.

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