Ardy Sixkiller Clarke: UFO’s and Aliens

10 Mar
Ardy Sixkiller Clarke: UFO’s and Aliens

I have been reading this fascinating account of encounters with UFO’s and aliens in Mesoamerica by Ardy Sixkiller Clark, a Montana University professor who had decided to retrace the steps of two archeologists, John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood . These two intrepid adventurers were responsible for revealing the existence of ancient Mayan sites to the world. Dr. Clarke’s other purpose was to interview and get first hand information from the local indigenous people about their encounters and experiences with aliens. Her trips took her to Honduras, Guatemala,Belize and Mexico. She was readily accepted by those she interacted with since she herself is Native American. She was accompanied by a man at all times, since she went into fairly remote territory which still harbors gangs and other criminal activity.

The Mayan people regard themselves as offspring of the “Sky gods” and talk about many strange encounters and experiences in a very credible manner. Dr. Clarke’s style is unembellished and to the point and an easy read. They talk about the “little people”, the “tall people”, UFO’s and abductions in a sometimes fearful, sometimes matter-of-fact manner. These are not people who have been influenced by movies and TV, and the collection of stories is not to sensationalize their experiences or make them famous in any way. It is more of an anthropological study which has been done in a very sensitive, thoughtful, intellectual manner.

I could not help but wonder if the genocide against the Mayan of the 1980’s was not an attempt to eradicate those who were carriers of secret knowledge of our true origins. The military, who had the support of the Ronald Reagan regime, were ruthless in eliminating the Maya, killing 200,00 of them. This kind of knowledge is dangerous since it threatens the accepted world view and the power of the Church.

Dr. Clarke leads a quiet life in Montana, she seems to prefer avoiding the spotlight and sensationalism. This book is well worth a read.

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