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NaNoWriMo You are Failing Me

The annual dash for writers to hammer out 50,000  words in November has been a great challenge over the years;a fun but demanding taskmaster that requires dedication and discipline. I looked forward to participating again this year.

I got my brain and imagination to “Set”, and when November 1st struck, I was ready to “GO”! I had a vague idea of what my novel would be about. The bare bones of an idea had formed in my mind; the plot,the setting,the protagonist and some of the characters were taking shape but it wasn’t until November 2nd that I actually began to write. I was emotionally and mentally ready for the annual word Olympics!

I checked out the NaNo webpage, and noticed there is no place to enter your daily word score. I checked out the FAQ’s, but that didn’t help ,so I contacted the organizers. The reply was pretty prompt, considering they must have had thousands of queries about it. I was assured it would be fixed. Two days later there was an update, saying that the error had been rectified.

Alas, I still don’t have the word count box. So okay, no problem, keep writing.

Keep writing? The constant emails and jolly bonhomie to make us all feel like we’re together in this endeavor, is just not my thing. I don’t want to be cheered on. I don’t like to have to connect with other people. I am really not that interested in anything except my own creation at this point in time.

Collette, author of “Gigi”, her face sums up my attitude right now.

No, I don’t want a  logo-ed T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a mug,a sticker, not anything. I don’t want to donate to your worthy cause to help children. I give enough to charities I care about. Stop with the rah-rah bullshit.

Most writers are introverts, haven’t they realized that?

What a shame that something that was pure pleasure has now become a behemoth. One I shall certainly avoid in future.

“Don’t bother me darling, I vant to be alone…”


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Jantar Mantar: Ancient Astronomical Observatory

IMG_4176 Located in the ancient famed “Pink City” of Jaipur, is a park-like museum filled with huge astronomical equipment that was used to determine eclipses, measure time and tracking the movements of stars and planets.

The towers and strange geometric installations were constructed in the mid 18th century. Built by Jawai Sai Singh II of Amber, it is one of five such observatories that were constructed in India at that time, but this one is the best preserved and restored. The facility is still used to this day to calculate auspicious planetary alignments that determine whether or not a couple’s wedding day will be blessed or doomed.

The accuracy however of some of the structures is not adequate to be entirely 100% correct since the builders were not used to such massive constructions and subsidence has also caused errors in alignment.

Still, they are incredibly imposing and fascinating and well worth the visit. Our visit was in the late afternoon and the light was not optimal for photography.





Note the observation platform at the apex of the tower.












This is part of a gigantic astrological marker, here the sign of Cancer



This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip, and not something I had expected ever to see!


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