The Right of Self

03 Apr

Sometimes, in the middle of a creative endeavor we pause and consider: what am I doing this for? Will anyone even SEE this? How many of us write, paint, make music with no thought other than “This is what drives me; this is who I am!”

There is an inner urging, of wanting to express that which resides deep within us; it is our choice to use our talents however meagre they may be, to bring beauty into this world. Some believe it is Divinity expressing Itself through us, those who have no spiritual or religious beliefs merely are expressing their own inherent goodness and love by sharing what they create.

Whatever your thoughts may be, I believe that each and everyone has a gift, or a talent that wants to be brought into the light, to be shared so that we all may enjoy the creativity of those around us. If it is enhancing our experience on this planet, so much the better.

Imagine if Michaelangelo or Da Vinci thought, “Geez, man, this is crap, what am I doing? Let me erase all that and go and work in a pizza shop.”

Thank goodness they believed in themselves. So, believe in yourself, and allow yourself to SHINE!


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