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From the Russian countryside

I was really pleased to have a “like” from a photographer from Russia, Alex Markovich, for one of my blogs on my spiritual site,, especially since I am currently researching material for my new novel which is set in Russia. Please take a look at his work, there are some really beautiful images.

Alex’s eye for detail and for the whimsical is apparent in his pictures, capturing the idyll and quiet of a lifestyle that is fast vanishing worldwide. I would love to visit Russia, I have always been fascinated by it, even going so far as to do my M.Ed. research thesis on Russian education!

Enjoy and share!

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Orphanages of 1900’s

During my research on the novel I am currently working on, I had to find out more about the prevalence and modus operandi of Russian orphanages. What kind of institutions existed for children in Russia at the beginning of the previous century? Who took care of children left parentless?

Of course, the easiest way out is to have the fictitious character, the protagonist, go and live with relatives. But my curiosity got the better of me. I discovered this video, which had me nearly in tears…if you look carefully, you can see the little ones crying, even if the intention was not to make them cry. The soundless images carry an impact that one cannot ignore.

How my heart ached for all the lost, lonely children of the world… how I hoped that they all grew up and found the love they deserved. Sadly, many of the boys were shipped off to fight in the wars. Who knows how many thousands and thousands have died fighting the battle of life, unloved, unwanted, unknown.


If anyone reading this would like to provide me with more information on Russian orphanages circa 1905, please contact me! Thanks!


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The Right of Self

Sometimes, in the middle of a creative endeavor we pause and consider: what am I doing this for? Will anyone even SEE this? How many of us write, paint, make music with no thought other than “This is what drives me; this is who I am!”

There is an inner urging, of wanting to express that which resides deep within us; it is our choice to use our talents however meagre they may be, to bring beauty into this world. Some believe it is Divinity expressing Itself through us, those who have no spiritual or religious beliefs merely are expressing their own inherent goodness and love by sharing what they create.

Whatever your thoughts may be, I believe that each and everyone has a gift, or a talent that wants to be brought into the light, to be shared so that we all may enjoy the creativity of those around us. If it is enhancing our experience on this planet, so much the better.

Imagine if Michaelangelo or Da Vinci thought, “Geez, man, this is crap, what am I doing? Let me erase all that and go and work in a pizza shop.”

Thank goodness they believed in themselves. So, believe in yourself, and allow yourself to SHINE!


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