Delving into the Past

04 Mar

I had already begun thinking of my next novel before I had completed the last one,” Van der Bijl”, the South African family saga.

Many years ago I underwent a past life regression and experienced a life in Russia. It is a tragic tale of loss and heartbreak and I decided it would make an interesting novel.

For those of you who have never experienced a past life regression, let me explain. You are placed under hypnosis and asked non-leading questions about what you see or experience. It can be extremely traumatic and contrary to popular belief, it’s not about discovering a life of royalty or fame and fortune. I am sure those do occur, but I would venture to say that 99% of people experience ordinary, humdrum lives. We have all lived through trauma throughout history and those memories sometimes may even break through into your conscious awareness without being hypnotized.

In this particular regression, I saw myself as a little Jewish boy in Russia, before the First World War. 

I have read many books in my life, and the difference between imagining something, reading about it and experiencing a past life are as different as chalk and cheese. The most amazing thing is the amount of emotion attached to the experiences in the past life. They are visceral and immediate as if they are happening right now. I don’t remember anything I have ever read as vividly. The emotion was so overwhelming that I cried every time I retold the story. One does not do that with a book or a movie, you may cry during the time you are reading or watching it, but the experience belongs to the character, not to you. You can disengage from it.


I have decided to base my book upon that story as I lived it. It will take me back in time to a very sad time in history, one which unfortunately has not ended as we face Russia invading the Ukraine on the pretext that the country is in a state of chaos.

How much longer will we have to put up with the power plays of presidents and power-that-be? 

When will it all end?



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