19 Feb

Genghis Khan, my Brother: The Story of Temulin

Here is an excerpt from my book about Genghis Khan, as told by his only sister, Temulin:


“Her grandmother sighed, her eyes far away in the past, a life time of memories coming back to her in a flood of emotions. She blinked away her tears, her wrinkled face still beautiful in the soft glow.

She began:

I am Temulin, only sister of Temujin. The Great Genghis Khan.

Let me tell you this story, I hope you will listen well…It is a story of love and hate, battles and games, a life well lived and a time of grace.

Tsolmon leaned forward, for the old woman spoke softly. She shifted in her seat on the floor, anticipation and rapt attention giving way to the boredom she had felt when playing with the same old toys.

When I was a maiden, life was simple. I was free to do as I pleased, to run , to play, to ride like the wind. Here in the highlands, the Mongolian steppe, life has a steady rhythm. Birth, life, death. It is all around us, and if we heed the call of life, we know that too soon, the cycle will be over, and we return from whence we came. It is the wheel of life, the eternal spin of a cosmic spiral of time that dictates our coming in and our going out.

She sighed again, and shifted her seat, smiled and said quietly:

Sometimes that cycle is interrupted, cut short through the wiles of others. But that is a story for another time, another season, perhaps…”


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