From the Polar Vortex to my Arse

01 Feb

This little catch phrase, the darling of all weather people has to go. It has to be expunged from the Dictionary of Meteorological Terminology, and just go. We, the people, have spoken. Call it something else. Please.

The notion that it is so freezing cold while we sit in houses with central heating has not helped my burgeoning derriere. I BELIEVE it’s cold outside, therefore I have to eat as if I am going on an Arctic expedition. I will never see food again, according to my inner hunger dial.

I have made chicken pie, curry, stews, soups, baked bread, made brownies, fudge and chocolate cake. I have eaten and made and baked and drunk things I never normally do, because it is cold outside.

Photo: Lisa Hagan, I did it!!!'

If the world should end, I may survive longer than any of you skinny people, but I’m warning you, I may have to eat you too.

Cold on Lake Gaston

By the way, that bread is fabulous, and the more butter you can eat with it, the better it is.

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