Not Jane Austen, I ain’t.

25 Jan

A recent tragedy befell someone in my family; the wholly unexpected passing of a very dearly loved sister-in-law  who died two days after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had experienced many ups and downs in her life, including the suicide of her first husband. A life of difficult lessons, she nonetheless lived a life of generosity to others, always full of joy and love to all those whom she encountered.

Death, so sudden and so unexpected seems to have the power to force us to pause and re-evaluate our lives. It makes us want to live life to the fullest, to carpe that diem and wring each ounce of living out of it. Live your life with a roar, not a whimper.

My life has certainly had its moments when sheer impetuousness, foolishness and frivolity capered off with my inhibitions and allowed me to do things and experience moments that have sometimes made it into my novels. While they are definitely not autobiographical, I do believe experience, even if it was through a poor choice, is something that enriches one’s life, perspective and ability to have compassion for other fools in similar situations!

I have always said that when I grow old (and hey, whaddaya know, it’s happening as I write), I want to sit in that rocking chair on the stoop and laugh, and laugh and laugh. Yes, everyone will think I am crazy, but I do believe the Almighty will be laughing too, and shaking His mighty head.

RIP, Linz, may your light continue to shine…

Linda Noel Barham



Image courtesy  of Adrienne Price

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One response to “Not Jane Austen, I ain’t.

  1. A. S. Price

    January 26, 2014 at 1:29 am

    She will be missed


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