Finding Genghis

22 Jan

A few years ago, I was standing in my kitchen, chatting to my kids about something inconsequential when I suddenly had a vision of myself, scimitar in hand, and in one mighty swing of my arm, I beheaded someone. There was a feeling of…delight? Accomplishment? It certainly was not a feeling of horror! I gasped out loud, and tried to explain to my kids what I had seen. It was all a bit of a joke, really. Where did that notion come from?

I am a fairly well balanced individual, well educated, sane, loving, so where the heck did that come from? Some primeval urge to kill?


Statue in honor of the Great Warrior.

Going back in my mind’s eye, I saw myself dressed as a warrior, on a small horse – pony sized, I guess, I don’t know much about horses – or wearing armor. The image is as fresh in my mind today as it was then. 

Was this a past life memory that bled through into my consciousness? 

Shortly after this experience I began to write my novel about Genghis Khan from the point of view of his only sister, Temulin. This meant a great deal of research, but most of the descriptions of events were not based on fact. It was as if I were there, living that life.No, I was not Temulin, but I felt that I knew her, perhaps as a friend or a family member.

By coincidence a woman by the name of Ann Jaffin was giving a talk about her book, “Past Lives and Present Karma” and I decided to attend. She began to describe an encounter during a life at the time of Genghis Khan and it was the same incident that I had written about that very week. It had come purely from my imagination, about some traders who were led into an ambush by the enemy of the clan. I could see it happening and described it as best as I could without getting too gory. Now, here was this author, talking about the same thing! It gave me goosebumps!

Meeting Ann Jaffin gave me the impetus to continue writing the story, and I finally self published it on Kindle a few months ago.

Please follow a link to read excerpts from the book, or to purchase it:



Watercolor image of Genghis Khan by Christine Price

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